конфиденциальности и печенье политика

This "Informative Report" follows the "Cart.13 d.lgs.n.196/2003" for the protection of user's personal data of Lisar S.p.A. website – www.lisar.it. This "Informative Report" is applicable only for the users of this website, not for other websites linked with www.lisar.it. ART.13 D.LSG.N.196/2003 - REGULATION OF PERSONAL DATA'S PROTECTION User's personal data voluntarily transmitted to Lisar S.p.A., will be used as follows:
(a) to get in touch with the User who asked for information about the products and for the presentation of our collection (especially when presenting new collections) and wants to know more about Lisar S.p.A.’s sales network and assistance -or any other Company linked or controlled by Lisar S.p.A.. Lisar S.p.A. can send promotional, commercial and informative material to the user, by web, mail, phone, MMS, SMS, e-mail, and from Italy or other Countries;
(b) to send newsletters;
(c) for the elaboration of studies and statistic and market researches. 2. Data types Browsing data
Computer systems and software procedures could acquire, during their normal operation, personal data whom transmission is implied in Internet's communications protocols.
This information, that are not collected to be linked to any specific interest, can permit to identify the user.
The above mentioned category includes the followings: IP addresses, names with a domain, URI addresses (UNIFORM RESOURCE IDENTIFIER) of required resources , request' schedule, request's procedure, file's dimension, the answer from the server indicating the numeric code, and other parameters concerning the operative system and user's computer environment. These data, immediately erased after the elaboration, are used only to obtain anonymous statistic information and to check the website's correct functioning.
These data can also be used to verify the responsibility in case of hypothetical computer violation, but beside from this special situation, datas on web contacts will not be kept for more than 7 days.
User's data voluntarily supplied The explicit, voluntary and elective transmission of electronic mail to the addresses specified on www.lisar.it entails the acquisition of sender's address and other personal data, essential to reply to the requests. 3. Data processing and possible rejection consequences Providing data is optional, anyway, any rejection or provision of incomplete/incorrect information will make impossible to reach the user for presentation of Lisar S.p.A. products, forwarding newsletters or promotional/commercial communications, and also for the participation of studies elaborations and statistic/market researches. 4. Data communication User's personal data collected by Lisar S.p.A. will be forwarded to Lisar S.p.A.’s assistance and sales network in the world, and to all the subjects linked to Lisar S.p.A. for commercial activities (for the reasons shown in paragraph nr.1).
Lisar S.p.A. 's owners, company staff, especially staff in charge of online commerce, customer care, marketing, electronic devices's technicians, and also the person in charge of data processing and privacy could be informed as well.
User's personal data could be forwarded also to Companies in charge for the website and electronic devices's maintenance. As for reasons shown in paragraph nr.1, Lisar S.p.A. can communicate these data to the following subjects: banks, insurance companies, suppliers who give to Lisar S.p.A. assistance for any commercial/promotional activity. Personal data could be also transferred to Foreign Countries, as for the legislation in force, even extra-Cee Countries. 5. Data spread User's personal data will not be spread, nor communicated to other subjects except for the ones nominated in this regulation. 6. User's rights As for paragraph nr.1, user can exercise his rights as for art. 7 /D. Lgs. 30 June 2003, nr. 196. Here below please find the complete content of the article:

1 the user has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data in relation to his persona; even if these data are not recorded yet.

2 the user has the right to obtain indication of:
1) personal data's origin
2) purpose and the modality of data processing
3) modality of use of electronic devices
4) owner's data and person in charge as for Art.5 comma 2 data
5) data of any subject who can obtain information of user's personal data

3 the user has the right to obtain
a) the updating, rectification or integration of data
b) the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the interruption of the processed data in violation of the law
c) the statement that operations as for a) and b) are known by the subjects who manage user's personal data.

4 the user has the right to fight the processing of personal data
a) for legit reasons
b) for advertising, sales, marketing research. 7. Promotional activity regulation The participation to Marketing activities is voluntary, as for art.7, 4 comma, lett.
a) and art. 130 of PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION's LAW, in particular for electronic communications, emails, telefax, mms or sms. 8. Data processing's responsible and owner Lisar S.p.A. is the owner, and its legal residence in Carbonate (CO) in Via Boccaccio 68/72, Person in charge of data processing for Lisar S.p.A. is the responsible for privacy.
Any type of request concerning matters regarding the privacy, can be address to this resident person in Lisar S.p.A., or can be submitted by mail to info@lisar.it.

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