Environmental attention

Lisar Group is committed to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Alongside its own code of ethics, Lisar Group has incorporated Italian Legislative Decree No. 213/2001 into its organizational model, with a view to preventing offences being committed by the company’s senior management or by those who are subject to the direction or supervision of those managers.

         The approval of the policy by the board of directors in December 2016 provides further proof positive of Lisar Group’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility vis-à-vis its employees.

         In addition, Lisar Group has established a supervisory committee charged with the task of monitoring the implementation of, and compliance with, the policy, and of promoting the policy’s continuous updating.

Lisar’s commitment to the environment is evident in the care it takes over managing its materials, in its reduction of waste (thanks to painstaking selection and processing), in the use of photovoltaic equipment and, last but not least, in its achievement of quality certification. 

IQNet Sistema di Management Certificato
SQS Sistema di Management Certificato ISO 9001

UL Certification

CE Certification

Lisar Group has attained ISO 9001 certification, in addition to exclusive LEED certification from the US Green Building Council, which underlines the group’s commitment to conducting innovative research geared towards protecting the environment.